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Easily track your energy consumption

Ellie was created during the Hack Winterthur hackathon. It serves as a proof of concept for an innovative energy monitoring and rewards system, designed to help users reduce their energy consumption and make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

🔍 Monitor Your Consumption

Ellie makes energy tracking effortless by automatically monitoring your current consumption levels. By providing insights and suggestions, Ellie helps you reduce your energy usage and make more sustainable choices for your home.

🎁 Get Rewards

Unlock exciting prizes and rewards with Ellie! As you make strides in lowering your energy consumption, you'll have the opportunity to earn and redeem rewards that make your energy-saving journey even more enjoyable.

🔧 Compare & Upgrade

Discover greener alternatives with Ellie's comparison feature. Compare your household devices with more sustainable options and make informed decisions when it's time to upgrade, ensuring you always choose the most eco-friendly option.


Visualize your energy consumption